The Big Cis Brewcast is an annual event dedicated to the memory of the late Mike Cisneros.  Mike didn’t just sit next to me as the host of Cincy Brewcast, he was also a dear friend and one of the best, kindest people who I have ever met.  What better way to celebrate a life like his than with a craft beer?  Mike loved Czech Pilsner, so that’s what we brewed up for the big guy (With the help of Braxton, Alexandria Brewing Company, Fibonacci, Darkness, MadTree, Rivertown and Bad Tom Smith).

To tap the beer we throw a party every year (huge shout out to the folks at P3 for helping to make sure that we had a great event this year!) and during that event… I of course have to do a live Brewcast, because it’s the only proper way to celebrate an event.  We talked about Mike, and of course Mike’s Big Cis pilsner.  Since we were at Braxton we talked to them about what’s going on with their rapidly growing brewery (and some of the fun things that are upcoming for them).  We chatted about Alexandria Brewing Company, and since we were in their neck of the woods, we talked to a couple of the hosts from Have A Drink (one of my favorite podcasts).

The show?  Yeah, it was good.  Mike would’ve been happy.

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  • Big Cis Collaboration – Czech Pilsner

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