There is a lot of shopping to be done on Black Friday.  I know there are plenty of resources out there for you to watch for the best deals on tvs, and blenders, and whatever else people rush Walmart for on the holy grail of shopping days – but that’s not what I do on here, is it?  I talk about Cincinnati beer.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t need a shopping guide to this years Black Friday extravaganza, though.  There are a TON of bottle releases going on this Thursday, November 24th.

Here’s what you need to know.

FigLeaf Bottle Release

This is the first time Figleaf has released their beer in bottled format (they’ve done three cans so far) and to mark the occasion they’re going big with two bottles, an anniversary Release, and a barrel aged stout that should cellar nicely!  The festivities kick off at 10am!

Fifty West Bottle Release

Fifty West does bottle releases better than a lot of places do in my opinion, and the beers that they’ve released so far have been nothing less than fantastic.  This year’s looks to continue that trend with three bottles being released.  The release starts at noon (though people are going to line up early)

Listermann Bottle Release

Listermann still holds the record for releasing more beers in packaging than anyone else in Cincinnati, and they’re upping that count by five during Black Friday.  The release kicks off at 8am, so grab some breakfast, and do your thing!!!

  • Imperial Nutcase
  • Imperial Marshmallow Fluff Nutcase
  • Pecan Pie Stout
  • Freedom Toast BA French Toast Stout
  • Super-limited surprise bottle release

Other Notable Events

These might not be bottle releases, but they deserve to be in contention alongside the releases mentioned above. While you’re shopping for beer… shop for beer, ya know?

  • Bourbon County Brand Stout – Most of your big favorite bottle shops should have some of this beer available for purchase, some of them in Ohio finally for the first time. If “big beer” is ok with you, it’s hard to deny that this beer is pretty delicious!
  • Brink Brewing – Brink is releasing some limited edition brews, and alongside their special tappings, they’ll also have some gift bags together for you to kick off your Christmas shopping the right way!  I’ve heard that they’re tapping two different versions of their award-winning Moozie Milk Stout, Armored Heart Russian Imperial Stout, A Belgian Strong Ale, Double Chocolate Cherry Porter, a Barleywine and then a barrel-aged Scottish ale.
  • Cappy’s – Cappy’s Loveland does a big release every year for Black Friday, fun cellared releases, new to the shelf surprises, and great draft offerings are all on the list.  If that’s not enough for you, the store also teams up with toys for tots every year, so bring a toy… that’s how you get a crack at the rarest beers available.
  • Christian Moerlein – If you’re looking for an event to take you away from your hectic shopping, look no farther than Moerlein and their Cornhole tournament.  It kicks off at noon in the Malt House.
  • Higher Gravity – They’re taking the opportunity of a BCBS release to throw out a beefed-up tap list that should have some great deals on it!
  • MadTree – Axis Mundi variants.  I don’t think I need to write more than that… but just for good measure – Irish Coffee, French Toast, and Gingerbread Axis Mundi will be on tap.  They’re also bringing back the holiday 8 packs of Psychopathy, Lift, Happy Amber, PSA, Pilgrim and Thundersnow… but Axis Mundi.
  • March First – it’s not beer… but I like what they’re doing over there in Blue Ash, so I’ll include it – March First is finally ready to unleash their Voltage brand of vodka into the world!
  • West Side Brewing – Looking to snag some more great brewery swag for Christmas gifts?  West Side wants to help.   They’ll have specials on Hoodies, Shirts and Hats to makes sure your friends and family are happy on Christmas Day.

Did I miss anything?  Shoot me a message, or add it via the comments section below!

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