The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming!!!

Don’t worry, this is good news for any of you red-blooded Americans, though.  The Russians aren’t here to steal any of our secrets, or to ‘break’ our beloved Rocky Balboa, these Russians are big, bold, and delicious.  They’re also wearing tiny little hats.  If you haven’t figured it out, yet, I’m talking about a beer release.  More specifically a bold, Russian Imperial Stout from Anderson’s Paradise Brewing – and I’m a little bit excited about it.

About The Beer

If you’re a regular patron of Paradise, you might remember this beer (or one with the same name).  Actually, back on Cincy Brewcast Volume 1, Episode 33 in November of 2015, we even tried the beer on the air if you’re curious about it.  But don’t make the mistake thinking that this is just that same beer thrown into a bottle.  No, Paradise is going all out on making sure their first release is a good one.

So – while the original ‘Wrath Of The Tsar’ that was tapped in the Paradise taproom was a fantastic beer, (it might remind you a bit of a certain beer named after ‘ol Rasputin himself…) this bottled version takes all of the things that you probably loved about it, and kicks it up a few notches.  This sucker doesn’t pull any punches.

The beer now clocks in (after barrel aging) at 10.5% ABV… it’s a sipper.  It spent 8 months in side some really awesome 10 year old Seagrams barrels before making its way into 477 hand labeled bottles.  Paradise was lucky to get hooked up with some fantastic folks at Sam Adams who were able to run the beer through a barrage of tests to make sure it would stand the test of time (and to get some accurate alcohol numbers).  Like I said… they wanted to make sure that their first release was done right.

About The Release

The Paraidse taproom is going to be hoppin’ when they release this beer on 11/18/17.  There’s a really limited number of these bottles available, and they release at noon.  If you’re looking to get your hands on them you aren’t going to want to wait for a week and swing in the taproom hoping to snag a couple for your fridge – they won’t sit around.

The bottles are going to sell for $17 a piece, and there is a strict limit of two per person (unless you’re one of those lucky mug club members… you lucky dogs…)

If you’re looking for a good reason to convince your buddies to come hang out at paradise that day, and the bottle release doesn’t seal the deal Brew City Brats will be serving up their food from the Bratmobile that afternoon too.  If that still doesn’t do it for your lame friends, I’ll be there, recording the latest episode of Cincy Brewcast too… that should convince any naysayers.

Oh Yeah… those freaking hats.

I went back and forth if I should ruin the surprise for you, but I am so in love with this packaging, I just couldn’t resist.   Your bottle comes with a tiny little hat on top.  I’m sorry… a ushanka.  You know those “Russian hats” with the ear flaps, and the fur on ‘em.  Yeah, each bottle has a little one perched on top that when removed reveals the hidden American flag bottle cap.

The idea was created by taproom regular Sara Jandolenko who during a conversation around a few beers recently whipped one up by crocheting it together (or is it knitting… I don’t even know). The idea was a hit, and here we find ourselves, with a whole box load of tiny little ushankas carefully handmade, ready to make their way onto the tops of bottles.

I freaking love it.  Mark your calendars, folks… and stay tuned for some tasting notes soon.  I got a little sneak peek, and this sucker is delicious. It’s slightly boozy, with a creamy vanilla flavor and a nice rich and medium body that is perfect for this shitty weather.

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