Bad Tom Smith has been trying to get their second taproom up in Ohio City open for a while now… and they’ve had some pretty major hurdles thrown in their way this year to make that goal an extremely rewarding one I can imagine.

Newlyweds John and Sheryl (congrats guys!!!) have one more thing to celebrate as the taproom in Cleveland opened up its doors for business on Monday after everything from inspection delays to a couple of robberies that pushed the original date back, and back, and back again.

About The New Taproom

The taproom’s bar can seat up to 20 people, and up to 18 taps, which should make for a lot of fun rotating options from their new homebrewer’s progam, coupled up with the brewery’s core lineup and experimental offerings.

There are comfortable couches and plenty of televisions around the room to make a space that is functional and a place that you’ll want to hang out and spend some time in.

The brewery has a small menu available, to make sure you don’t get too hungry while you’re hanging out – and they’ve also partnered up with a couple local restaurants to bring in some other food options if the menu doesn’t suit your mood.

It definitely seems to me like they’ve taken what they’ve learned about their “home base” taproom here in Cincinnati, and built upon what they liked about it, and changed all the things that they didn’t like.  It makes me excited to think about what this might mean for their new taproom here in Madisonville when that finally opens next year.

The Beer

If you’re familiar with the beers that they’ve been brewing up here in town, you’ll be just as familiar with those in Ohio city, because they’ll be providing much of the beer on tap up north from the taproom here in town.  That doesn’t mean all of it, though.

Bad Tom Smith is using the new taproom to launch a Home Brewing program as well, which they’ve dubbed the ‘Home Brewer’s Shoot Out’ program.  Every month two talented brewers will get the shot to brew up their beers on the 2bbl pilot system in the brewery’s basement and get their beer on tap in the taproom.

It’s a showcase of the new plan for the brewery to engage their community in positive ways, all from the comfort of a their new space.  This is the Bad Tom Smith that we’ve been waiting for!

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