I have been pestering Jason Brewer about this a little bit, and I’m happy to finally have some information to share with you guys. Do you remember back in late October how during their write up on Don’t Drink Beer, we heard a quick mention about a Kopi Luwak Barleywine from Listermann?  We’re finally getting some light focused on that beer… plus a few others that go alongside it.  That’s right, it’s a Barleywine series!

Pastry Life

This is the Barleywine that gave it away.  For a little look behind the scenes: if a brewery decides to distribute their beer outside of their state, they need to file paperwork with the Federal TTB, which means that it’s all going to pop up in public websites – which means when they have a beer like this, that’s going to head down to Party Source, bloggers like me see it and get excited and start bugging the brewery for information.

So that’s where it all starts.

Pastry Life is a Barleywine collaboration with The Party Source, aged in Bourbon barrels with cocoa nibs, raspberries and vanilla.  It’s big – 10.5% and is going to be packaged in 12oz bottles.  While I was digging for more information about the release I was pretty psyched to hear that not only was this going to happen (probably even this year still…) it’s accompanied by a little group of friends, too.

The Barleywine Is Life Series

What’s one Barleywine without a few variant friends to go alongside it?  Pastry Life isn’t it… it’s just a piece of it.

  • Life – This is the base Barleywine that the series is born off of.
  • Lavish Life – This is the Kopi Luwak Barleywine that we read about on Don’t Drink Beer.
  • Pasty Life – The label that was approved above… Cocoa Nibs, Raspberries and Vanilla.
  • Mystery Life 1 – These are still being decided on… I’ve heard Blueberry might be in the mix though.
  • Mystery Life 2 – The second of the “undecided” Barleywines.

So… When?

This will probably happen pretty soon, the brewery is waiting on the actual labels to come in still, and as soon as they do they’re going to be hitting the road to make their way down to Party Source (at least The Pastry Life will be) – they’ll all also be seeing a release in the Listermann taproom, so keep your eyes and ears peeled to social media (or right here) and as soon as I know, I’ll let you know!

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