They’re saying that this is going to be the last barrel aged beers that will be released for “a while” – so you might want to make a little note on your busy calendar to get your butt down to Urban Artifact on Saturday, December 16th starting at noon for this one.

Urban Artifact is letting loose with 5 barrel aged sours, including the next up in line of the Dinosaur Series (their spontaneously fermented sours) alongside the eagerly awaited Milkman variants.

What’s Being Released

  • Pteranodon – This is that Dinosaur series beer I mentioned.  A spontaneously fermented sour beer… barrel aged… peaches… sounds pretty tasty to me!
  • Cherry Pie – Barrel aged gose with 6 pounds per gallon of cherries added.  Chariot on steroids, basically.
  • Rye Barrel Spice Cake – Rye barrel aged stout with vanilla beans, nutmeg, cocoa, star anise, orange zest and cinnamon.
  • Ornament – Barrel aged chocolate raspberry gose with fresh orange zest.
  • Semifreddo – Barrel aged chocolate raspberry gose with vanilla beans.

Then alongside those barrel aged treats, you’ve got the Milkman variants too:

  • Mole Stout – Milkman with ancho chili peppers, cacao nibs, orange peel, star anise, and more cinnamon added to it.
  • Milk and Cookies – Milkman with granola, walnuts, almonds, more cinnamon and more vanilla beans added.
  • Mocha Espresso – Milkman with an extra shot of coffee and a double shot of chocolate added.
  • Breakfast Sausage – Milkman with smoked chipotle peppers, sage, caraway, and fennel added.
  • Pastry Stout – Milkman with a double dose of vanilla beans and cinnamon.

Wanna Know Some More?

I’m gearing up for my annual Christmas show at Urban Artifact next week (12/11/18), and while the podcast may not go up on your favorite podcast platforms until closer to Christmas, I plan on firing up the live feed via Facebook since the show is conveniently scheduled for right before the bottle release.

If you’ve got any questions about the bottles… it will be a great time to fire them off to Urban Artifact live!

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