Brewery – Rivertown
Beer – Raspberry Flicker
Style – Raspberry Fruited Lager
ABV – 5.2%

Raspberry lager recipe from Jason’s homebrewing days using raspberry puree.

Rivertown debuted this beer alongside Silverback Snack for their big 8th anniversary on 12/17/18.  It appeared on the barrelhouse taps, as well as in cans available in the restaurant, with an extremely limited amount heading out to some limited distribution.

The beer goes back to the roots of Rivertown, and was an old recipe that Jason used to brew back in his homebrewing days.

My Thoughts On Rivertown Raspberry Flicker

When you pour this beer in your glass you’re blessed with a beer glass full of what looks to be a thick, heavy raspberry smoothie.

The aromas are thick, heavy raspberry… almost like a milkshake of some kind.

The taste follows right along with the same idea.  The beer is drinkable, for sure… but there is a really great heavy fruit flavor that leaves me with a “dessert-like” experience from the beer.  Perfect for a beer to go alongside food!

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