Things are moving along at a really awesome pace at Wiedemann’s St. Bernard brewery and taproom location.  The 3000 square foot brewhouse addition is getting close to being completed (right in time, as their equipment has just started arriving on site).  The brewery fired off an email update to their subscribers this week to let everyone know that not only is the new construction going great, but the taproom renovations are almost done.

A couple little nuggets they included:

  • The bar is being hand built by friend and St. Bernard firefighter Jim Deutsch.  They pointed out that he’s not only a “woodworking wizard” and master craftsman, but that he’s left his mark on many homes in Wiedemann’s new hometown of St. Bernard.
  • During renovations the brewery uncovered a gorgeous decorative cornice across the top of what will become the main barroom.  The cornice is being hand painted by longtime friend and artist Melissa Wilz.  She’s putting the finishing touches on about 150 leaves across the ceiling.

If you’re still struggling for a fun gift for someone, you can currently snag up some of what Wiedemann’s is calling their “old school gift cards”, which are beer tokens.  These solid 14 gauge brass tokens are not just collectibles, but they’re also redeemable at the brewery for $5.  Even better, is that if you buy four of them, you get a fifth for free.  They were made in Camp Washington by Osborne Coinage – and if you’re a collector of Cincy beer paraphernalia – it’s a must!  You can buy them online now!

That’s all the Wiede-Updates for now… but like I mentioned, this is moving fast so keep watching, I anticipate that this place is on pace to be rocking come spring!

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