They’ve been working non-stop to get their taproom ready, and after final approval on their last inspection Rolling Mill Brewing company in Middletown has announced that they’re ready to open their doors.  The timing is pretty fantastic if you’ve got family in town for the holidays (I know when that happens in my house, we love taking people to new breweries).  You might want to go ahead and mark your calendar now for Friday, December 22nd.

What To Expect

Let’s start with the taproom itself.  They don’t stray too far from the standard feeling of most of the breweries that you’re most likely familiar with.  The warm industrial feeling is front and center, with lots of stainless and reclaimed wood.  The colors in the taproom are warm, creating a space that’s inviting and feels comfortable.  The taproom space has a bar situated off in its own corner of the building, leaving the largest space for more “communal gathering”.  Situated right in the center of it all is the brewhouse, which uses it’s 7bbl size to not dominate the room, while still maintaining a front and center presence.

What about the beer?  You might know by now (after reading the first post I wrote about the brewery) that these folks are making everything gluten-free.  I have such a little base to draw on, because I’ve had so few gluten-free beers, but from what I’ve heard… that doesn’t always mean good things.  I’m extremely excited to try some more of their beer, but from the one sample I’ve gotten so far… it’s going to change a lot of the perceptions about what ‘gluten free’ means.  Stay tuned… especially on untappd, I’ll be keeping you up to date as I try some more of their beer and let you know what I think.

Want More Information?

I mean… the easiest way to learn more about Rolling Mill is going to be to come to the grand opening. But, if that’s not enough for you, you can always tune in to the last episode of Cincy Brewcast, where we talk to owners Josh and Megan about it all.  Otherwise?  Follow them on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled!

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