Brewery – Urban Artifact
Beer – Owler
Style – Tart Vanilla Brown Ale
ABV – 6%
PH – 3.7

A blend of roasted malts fermented with 2lbs of vanilla beans per 30 bbl batch.

The coveted wood of 1600’s England inspired the practice of owling.  Owlers smuggled sheep on boats to Europe for chic clothing companies.

Leave it to Urban Artifact to manage to teach me a new word when I run into my local bottle shop to snag a six pack… but Owler is most definitely a case of that.  I feel like I’m holding on to a precious nugget of trivia that one day will come in handy, now.

Owler is the ‘cold weather’ companion of their 6 month long perennial line which includes the warm weather side of Flash Lamp.

The beer is a brown ale, brewed with a hearty dose of vanilla beans and a blend of roasted malts.  The signature Urban Artifact lactobacillus fermentation balances out the beer with a bright, round acidity.  It all comes across as very candy-like and certainly unlike anything else in their lineup.

First launched in cans and on draft in October of 2017 – it’s a welcome addition to the lineup for me!

My Thoughts On Urban Artifact Owler

The beer is a cloudy brown color… like watered down chocolate.  It’s got a thin tan head on top, small and quickly fading.

The aromas are straight up “Fall-ish” with a toasted aroma blending seamlessly with chocolate and light outdoorsy scent coming right up next to the thick vanilla in the background.

The flavor is fun, it’s a mix of tastes and sensations that you don’t expect together.  The rich toastiness and chocolate is still there, but paired up with the bright lactic punch of acidity it’s refreshing and slightly unexpected.  The flavor rounds itself out from the vanilla, leaving the finish with a smooth characteristic that I really enjoy.  I get a bit of tea, and chocolate after it’s all done with… done before diving in for another sip, that is!

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