Let’s get it out of the way right off the top, I know.  This is the least Christmasy Christmas show that we’ve ever done.  I have taken the liberty to assume that I know you guys as an audience, though.  This topic is too fun to not let it take center stage, even with the king of all holidays quickly approaching.

If you remember back to Volume 2, Episode 28, when we sat down with Bret and Scotty from Urban Artifact at Cappy’s in Loveland, they told us that 2017 was going to be The Year of Urban Artifact.  I think looking back on the year now it’s easy to say that they were dead on with that assessment.  Almost 100 packaged releases in the year has led up to this point: wild, tart, spontaneously fermented beer is being released in bottles.  Talking to anyone at Urban you can immediately get a sense of how excited they are about it, and that’s a prime recipe to sit down and do a show.

We did just that.  Bret and Scotty talked about the release that was happening/happened on 12/16 and dug into exactly why these beers are so special from their perspective.  We tasted a few different things and dug into the differences between their barrel aged sours and the spontaneously fermented sours.  We had to take a quick look back at their big Halloween release, and talked about what might be coming in the future.  We even dug into their philosophy on beer releases, and how that might change in the coming year to always keep the brewery on it’s toes, and to always keep improving their processes.

Guests This Week

  • Bret Kollmann Baker – Urban Artifact
  • Scotty Hunter – Urban Artifact

From The Beer Fridge

  • Urban Artifact – Fusee
  • Urban Artifact – Cherry Pie
  • Urban Artifact – Pteranodon

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