Now that you’ve read all about Firkins from Craft Beer Joe (you got my hint there, right?  Go read it) I think it’s time you hear about an event that I’m taking place in, that you should probably not just be interested in, but start planning on attending for a beer or two.

It all starts with Streetside Brewery and their awesome Imperial Stout called The Demogorgon (you can read about the barrel aged version here).  They just finished brewing up a batch of it, and decided that yes, while they need to stash some away in barrels for future releases (it’s headed into Boone County Barrels, Knob Creek Barrels, and Orange Liqueur Barrels from Copper and Kings) they had a chance to do something really fun with some of it too.

Enter the Firkins.

They asked around town to some of the websites that love craft beer, and asked if any of us had ideas about some fun stuff that could be infused into The Demogorgon – of course we did.  So this big 11.8% Imperial Stout is going to be showcased during a really great event next weekend.  Let’s start with that.

The Event

Everything kicks off on Saturday, January 27th at noon.  There’s going to be 7 different versions of the base beer on tap for you to choose from.  The concept is pretty simple… you drink what you want, and the first firkin to kick is the winner.  The key here is to get there early, make your opinion known – and try a sip of some other people’s beers so you get to try them all!

The Firkins

Like I mentioned before, each firkin was picked out by a website that loves craft beer here in town, and there are 7 of them.

  • Brew Minds – Eggos and Maple Syrup
  • Cincy Weekend – Honey, Chai, and Ginger Snap Cookies
  • Craft Beer Joe – Donuts and Coffee
  • The Gnome – Raspberries and Vanilla
  • Raging Hop – Pomegranates and Dark Chocolate
  • Queen City Fresh – Caramel, Roasted Pecans, Mexican Sugar and Cayenne Peppers
  • Streetside Brew Team – Peanut Butter and Oreos

Now… while I obviously want mine to win here, I’ve got to admit, these all sound pretty delicious, and I’m really curious to taste how a couple of these turn out!

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