I’m going to assume that you know what a Midwest Fruit Tart is at this point.  It’s one of the biggest pieces of the Urban Artifact puzzle that not only has made them a household name here in Cincinnati, but that has cemented their dedication to fresh fruits and spices.  It’s always exciting when they have a release of one of these beers, and even more so when that release is a new beer that we haven’t had before.

If you venture down to the taproom today, you’ll be really happy to get your hands on their latest creation, which is also a collaboration with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

The Collaboration

The Orchestra is getting ready to start a new series of Beethoven’s symphonies that they are calling “Beethoven Revolution” over the next three years.  This beer was brewed up to celebrate the start of this series which will be performed over the next three years.

It also doesn’t hurt that the timing of the collaboration conveniently times up with the completion of the historic Music Hall renovations.

Music has always been at the roots of what Urban Artifact is doing over in Northside.  Not only are they home to a big venue in their sanctuary above their taproom, the taproom itself plays host to live music every night of the week – a feat that isn’t always easy for a brewery to accomplish.  This is the first official collaboration from Urban Artifact, though with a music organization, and its fitting that they have decided to make that leap with one of the greatest cultural institutions that Cincinnati offers.

About The Beer

Plum Beethoven is exactly what you’re expecting… it’s a plum Midwest Fruit Tart.  The team chose the plums as a way to balance out the tartness, and support a rich, yet delicate fruit flavor, while still providing something really unique to concert-goers at Music Hall.

The team used 3,000 pounds of plums as well as a traditional malt recipe to craft the beer, which will be available not just in cans via the Urban Artifact taproom starting today, but in the Music Hall concession stands as well.  You will most likely see just a little bit of this headed out into distribution as well.

If you’re looking for tickets to a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra show, you can hit up their website to get your seats (and a chance to drink this beer in the atmosphere it was meant for!)

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