I hope that you caught these label approvals in this week’s ‘Fresh Label Friday’ from Queen City Fresh. Aside from the obvious addition, I also hope you were a little curious about why we were making a big deal out of a few label approvals for beers that we’ve already seen released.  The big news from this batch of approvals is that it looks like FigLeaf has plans to expand their distribution from the great state of Ohio down to our neighbors in Northern Kentucky.

About The Move

I reached out to the fine folks up at FigLeaf to check into things and it was confirmed for me that starting February 1st the very first kegs will be making their way across the river to NKY.

But Gnome… these are cans, not kegs!

I know, I know… and I promise you, Kentucky cans are coming.  The brewery has to get it all scheduled for a time that they can get the mobile canning line out to do it.  In the meantime, they can always do some smaller bottling runs on their bottling line until they can get the cans caught up.

If you aren’t familiar with the line up of cans that Figleaf offers, we can take a look:

  • Basmati – Cream Ale – This was their first can that hit the market, and still a favorite of mine. (Read more about the beer)
  • IsoTrope – American IPA – Everyone needs their IPA, and this one is a crowd pleaser for Figleaf (Read about it here)
  • WasteTimer – American Pilsner – My all time favorite style… crisp and drinkable. (Read about the beer)
  • Ponderous – Porter – This is going to be a new addition to the can lineup, but it has always been my favorite of their beers in the taproom, so I’m understandably pleased to see it making its way into the lineup!

Now, when you look at the labels below, keep in mind that the design of these cans is one in which the silver of the label shows through the sleeve… so while these are pink on their backgrounds, it’s not the way it will look when finished.  I promise!

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