One thing that keeps me going when it comes to beer blogging, or podcasting about craft beer is the people.  It’s the reason this whole thing got started, and it’s still the reason that I basically work a second job (an unpaying job, mind you) while trying to be a Dad, A Husband and maintain some sort of life.  It’s about the amazing friends I’ve met, the incredible, dedicated people who have, or are trying to open a brewery.  There are countless people working their butts off to give back to the communities that helped them open in the first place.  I LOVE this industry.  It’s also why I love an episode like this, where I get to sit at a table with some of the great people who I’ve met, have a few beers and talk.

That’s exactly what this episode was.  We didn’t enter it with a solid plan of what we were going to talk about, we just knew that we were going to talk.  It’s the same way that we started Cincy Brewcast around Mike’s kitchen table 3 years ago.  Crack open some beer, with good people, and start talking.  What’s the worse that can happen?

We recorded this episode at Wooden Cask, so we obviously spent a lot of time talking about them.  We tried a few of their beers, including 3 of their barrel aged series, and tried to figure out all of the things that they are doing right (and wrong) in their taproom and brewery.  We were hot off the heels of recording an episode of Have a Drink where we talked about Cincinnati Craft Brewing history – and bridging that gap from what beer used to be, to what it is today was extremely easy in Wooden Cask.

Pull up a seat, and have a drink

Guests This Week

From The Beer Fridge

  • Wooden Cask – Red Rum – Rum Barrel Aged Red Ale
  • Wooden Cask – Corruption – Barrel Aged Scottish Stout
  • Wooden Cask – Wine Barrel Aged Cider
  • Wooden Cask – Citranati – Double IPA

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