Our little DogBerry.  I can’t believe how much you’ve grown, and you’ve managed to change so much while staying exactly the same.  If you don’t know the West Chester, Ohio brewery that I’m talking about this story will just be the same old “Brewery begins canning” story.  I promise you that it’s so much more, though.  When DogBerry opened for business in 2015 they were a little nano-brewery, with a small taproom and no parking.  The first time I stopped in and “broke cover” to talk about what the hell their plans were they summed it up in a simple sentence:

We don’t want to take over the world or be the biggest, We just want to make the beer that we love and share it with those that love it.

For a brewery that doesn’t have a marketing budget, let alone a marketing department.  They nailed it.  People loved it.  As people filled their tiny parking lot every weekend to drink from the 10 eclectic taps in that original taproom it became abundantly clear, it was time to grow.

Grow they did… last year DogBerry moved into their new location in West Chester and fired up their new 10bbl brewhouse.  The tap lineup grew to 20 taps full of mixed styles with a slight lean towards west coast hoppiness.  The new taproom feels like the old one literally grew up.  feels the same, only better.  I don’t know how a brewery that is so small, with so few moving parts makes this happen.  Maybe it’s because they are so small and have so few moving parts that it’s able to happen… but DogBerry is a special place.

So now as they shoot out a picture on social media of a pallet of cans in their new taproom… it’s time for the next phase.  Packaging.

DogBerry Gets Canned

It’s still the same guiding philosophy at DogBerry that is driving the move into cans, and that’s what makes it special.  It’s not a drive to grow into a Cincinnati brewery powerhouse.  It’s a drive to make the beer that they love, and share it with those that love it too.  It’s a move to make it easier to drink the beer that so many people in West Chester (and beyond) have fallen in love with, easier.  Quicker.  It’s brilliantly timed, and it’s going to make my refrigerator a much happier place.

As for what’s hitting cans, you have two of the taproom favorites to look forward to:

  • Bray’s On Target – Brown Ale
  • Undone – American IPA

The two beers are both staples that hit the mark dead on as a good representation of what DogBerry “Is” – you should be looking forward to getting your hands on these!

The cans will be hitting retailers, and the taproom this week, and if you aren’t satisfied with this you might want to also give this week’s episode of Cincy Brewcast a listen, we talked all things canned DogBerry, and tried their Millenial NE IPA too… it was a good one!


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