I know you, craft beer drinker.  Say what you will when you’re sitting with your buddies drinking your barrel aged sours, you still love your IPAs.  You still really love those Imperial IPAs too, don’t you?  Stryker is a really good one if I’m onto what you like to drink with this statement… and the Rhinegeist Limited Release is getting a new home on the shelf this year if the evidence plays out the way it’s looking like it will – 12oz cans.

About Stryker

I know, I know… I have to give you the standard disclaimer so you don’t get upset if I’m wrong.  Just because you’re seeing a label for this beer doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to happen, or when.  With that, let’s still look at it.

The label’s description says:

This Imperial IPA bellows with dank, resinous citrus notes and flashes of passion fruit aroma, evoking an ever-evolving bitterness while remaining dry and electric.

The beer is 9.3% ABV and a massive 100+ IBUs.  It’s spent it’s time so far on shelves in Rhinegeist’s 22oz format bottles, but the move to cans follows suit with what it seems like they’re moving to for most of their releases (a move that I support 100%, btw).

If you want a little more insight on what this beer is all about, you can always hit up Rhinegeist’s website where they have all the details.

Stay tuned, because as I hear more about the release of Stryker in cans (if I hear more about it, that is…) I’ll be sure to pass the information on to you!

UPDATE – You can read more about this beer, and what I think about it here!

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