Press Tart snuck in there this summer as a real surprise hit from Rhinegeist (for me at least).  Their collaboration with 16 Bit Arcade and Bar is a really delicious Berliner style Weisse beer with passion fruit.  I get the impression that a lot of you guys liked it too, not just judging from the things I’ve heard online, but from the fact that it looks like Rhinegeist is putting some plans in place to get it into cans to make your pool parties and beach trips even better.

The standard disclaimer applies here, you know the drill: Just because they have a label approval doesn’t always mean that it is a guarantee, or if we do see it, what that timeframe looks like for it to appear on shelves.

Rhinegeist Press Tart

Press Tart comes in with an easy drinking and downright refreshing 4.4% ABV and 8 IBUs.  It’s designed to put a few of these back while you’re hanging out by the pool (or next to an arcade game I suppose).  The description on the label reads:

Brewed in collaboration with the gaming gurus at 16-Bit, Press Tart is a Berliner Style Weisse Fruit Beer bramble-smashed with marionberries and blueberries.  Rich and fruit-forward, this brew unlocks secret levels of berry jam and punch-you-out tartness.

Stay tuned, but I can only imagine that you’ll see these cans as the weather starts to warm up this year!  If you’re looking for some more detailed notes, I’ll have something up once I get my hands on the cans, or you can head over to Rhinegeist’s website where Jim Matt breaks this beer down great into a little style breakdown, as well as some great tasting notes. Of course… I’m a little partial to the beer notes that I’ve got right here on the website, too!

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