Every year Rhinegeist releases a new beer to celebrate their anniversary – these beers are themed to not just how old they are, but to the party that goes along with their anniversary.  It’s what makes taking a little sneak peek at the label for their anniversary release so much fun – it gives us a hint not just into what we’re going to be drinking, but to what the entire day will look like at Rhinegeist.

Before we dig into this years beer, though, how about a little trip down memory lane?

The Anniversary Releases So Far

  1. Rookie – First year, first beer.  This was an IPA packed full of big fruity flavors.
  2. Deuce – This second anniversary beer was a red IPA, hit with the punch of Galaxy and Citra hops.
  3. Trips – Taking a journey away from the anniversary IPAs, this one was an awesome sour beer with sour cherries and currants.  Neon pink, bright and tart… delicious.
  4. Quadrafunk – This beer was a brett IPA, packed full of more fruit flavors and funkiness than you could shake a stick at.  A massive departure from what you expect from Rhinegeist, and deliciously so!

This Years Release

This recently snuck its way through the TTB approval process, which means that while I think it gives us a good insight into what we’re going to see – there is no evidence that Rhinegeist will for sure be releasing this beer… we’re just guessing here! I am also not 100% sure that this is their anniversary release, it could just be a coincidence that they are doing a special release this summer that happens to incorporate the number five into its name on the same year as their fifth anniversary falls.  (You get me here… I think I’m right, but if I’m not don’t yell at me?)

The fun thing that should jump out first when we look at this label is that this will be the first in Rhinegeist’s anniversary series that gets canned instead of their big 22oz bombers.  As a firm believer that almost all beers should be in cans (almost… but that’s a whole other topic), I can really get behind this.

The beer is a Hazy Imperial Pale Ale that comes in at 8% ABV and 40 IBUs.  Let’s look at the description on the can to see if we can learn a little bit more:

The vans are filled, the kids are less than thrilled, the highway’s hazy, and we’re all going crazy.  After many miles, we’re all smiles, ‘cause when you’re on the run, getting there is half the fun.  Enjoy the trip, to your lips, it’s a hoppy ride, on up to Cloud FIve.

When Can You Get This?

Typically Rhinegeist holds their anniversary parties on a Saturday towards the end of June or the beginning of July.  I will definitely let you know more details on when you can expect it this year as the brewery releases information about it. Of course, as soon as I get a can, or two of this beer in my fridge you’ll get some notes on it right here on the website too!

In short?  Stay tuned, Cincinnati.

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