If you haven’t heard about Fretboard lately, you haven’t been paying attention.  They’ve been making a whole bunch of noise locally with not just a couple big personnel pickups, but with a tap lineup that gets people talking with a near perfect mix of traditional styles and fun boundary pushing flavors.  They’re only six months in, and they want people to know that they mean business.  All this adds up to the perfect recipe for an episode of Cincy Brewcast!  We sat down with Brad and Danny to talk about the journey to get not just Fretboard to where they are, but the journey to get the people involved where they are too.  We drank a few beers along the way to get a glimpse behind the idea behind what they do, and why they do it.  Fretboard is a brewery and a live music venue in one… and the second half of the show gets a little noisy – but it wouldn’t be Fretboard if they didn’t get a little loud, would it?

Guests This Week

  • Brad Plank – Fretboard
  • Danny Gold – Fretboard

From The Beer Fridge

  • Fretboard Brewing – Reba
  • Fretboard Brewing – Vlad The Impaler
  • Fretboard Brewing – El Jefe
  • Fretboard Brewing – Crazy Train
  • Fretboard Brewing – S23
  • Fretboard Brewing – Improv
  • Fretboard Brewing – Trey
  • Fretboard Brewing – Coltrane
  • Fretboard Brewing – Fugee

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