If you’ve not yet heard about, or found yourself wasting a few hours on ‘Shut Up About Barclay Perkins Beer Blog’ you’re missing out, and I’ll forgive you if you waste a few minutes in the middle of my post to venture over there to fall into a rabbit hole or two.  The website is the project of UK Beer Historian Ron Pattinson, who is brilliant and happens to be making his way into Cincinnati this week to team up with Narrow Path for a really unique and fun brew that I wanted to share with you folks.

About The Brew

The brewery and Ron will be teaming up to brew what looks to be a historic Scotch Ale, which they’re hoping to have enough to stash away in some barrels when they’re done.

The 5bbl batch will use Pale Malt, alongside Maris Otter and a whole bunch of EKG and Saaz hops with a Scottish Yeast to create a beer that they are expecting to come out around 7-7.75% ABV and 85 IBUs.  The recipe is based off of this one (again… with the rabbit holes you’ll fall down when you start reading Ron’s blog…)

Stay tuned here – I’ll be sure to get this updated with tapping info when the beer is done so you can snag some for yourself!

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