It’s not a secret that Cincinnati has fallen in love with its soccer club.  But it’s also not much of a secret that while we’re watching soccer we like to drink a beer or two.  There are plenty of great options for you to drink some great local beer in Cincinnati, but if you have a hankering for something a little more geared specifically to what you’re doing, there are a few beers that have special branding to make you feel like you’re supporting your team that little bit extra.

Here’s what to drink while you’re showing your FCC Spirit.

Christian Moerlein FC Cincinnati Blood Orange IPA

You’ll remember this one from last year, and Christian Moerlein is still the go-to brewery when it comes to FCC branded packaging in town.  They’re bringing this crowd pleaser back for when you need something a little hoppy, a little fruity, and a lot of delicious during the games.  I’ve got full beer notes if you want to learn a little more about the beer.  What you need to know about it is that it clocks in around 6%, and while it’s certainly got plenty of hops to keep your palate happy, the fruit addition leaves it sweet and “punchy” on the palate.  The 16oz cans are a perfect package for a long soccer match, when 12 ounces just won’t cut it.

Christian Moerlein Original Lager

While this beer is just freshly hitting cans again after a LONG hiatus, the brewery is wasting no time getting it into your hands during games.  It’s a perfect match alongside the Blood Orange IPA too, perfect for those of you who may be a little more “hop adverse”.  While, I’m still a little behind in getting the official beer notes up about this brew – I’ve written plenty about my love for it’s return to Cincinnati, so you should know what to expect at this point, if not, know that the notes are coming soon!  The FCC version of the beer will see the packaging change from the 12oz cans that you’ve got in your fridge now, to the 16oz cans that feature the #RiseTogether hashtag to pay homage to the Fans, the Team and the Beer that built Cincinnati.

MadTree Lift

MadTree is joining the club this year, with a specially packaged 16oz version of their Lift Kolsch that will only be available at Nippert Stadium this year for FC Cincinnati games. You remember Lift, right (go ahead… the notes are here). If you have forgotten about this core beer from MadTree, you might find very few times that are better to re-aquaint yourself with the beer than in the summer heat of a soccer game.  The beer is 4.7% ABV, clean and refreshing.  To sweeten the deal even more for soccer fans, much like the other beers here, this one is getting a big change – 16 oz cans.  This will be the first beer from MadTree to see this packaging format, and I can’t wait.

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