I don’t want to spoil any upcoming post surprises, but we’re about to get a few new breweries in town, one of them being the long-awaited Weidemann’s Brewery in St. Bernard. They are not content with just opening up their doors and getting on with business like a normal brewery, though. The Bavarian brew-focused Wiedemann’s will be throwing a massive event within their first month to show people what the Wiedemann experience is all about, and they’re teaming up with local boxing gym legends at The Punch House to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

The event takes place on June 30th… but I wanted to start prepping you early for what you’re about to experience… it’s sounding pretty good!

Beer and Boxing

The idea to team up local breweries with boxing is a brilliant one, and it takes the already natural combination of craft beer and sports (and how well the two pair with each other) and kicks it up to another level. Wiedemann and local boxing gym The Punch House are looking to take this event and use it to introduce new people to the sport of boxing and maybe turn on some boxing fans to what craft beer is all about.

The fights at this event will not only feature brewers and employees of your favorite breweries duking it out in the ring but this time around, breweries were also given a chance to sponsor a professional fighter to represent them against another competitor. That means if you’re a brewery and were afraid to get your big, hulking, Thor-lookalike of a brewer hurt, you have another option to get involved.

Classing It Up

Another feature of this boxing series (yes, they’re hoping that this will become a regular series around town) is the addition of a couple of different tiers of tickets. Much like a typical boxing match you’d see on TV, if you pony up a couple of extra bucks, you can sit ringside. If you’re looking for complete VIP treatment or if you’re looking to impress your guests, you can also spring for the VIP package, which includes valet parking and some other exclusive perks that should make the entire experience a little classier than it would be otherwise.

Want More?

Not only will you be hearing more about this event in the coming weeks, but if you are looking for the complete inside track on what’s going on during the event – Cincy Brewcast will be broadcasting Live during the event, so keep your eyes on social media for the stream that night! I’m also going to work to get Punch House Owner Danny Calhoun on the air before that to tell us the complete details of what makes this event so different than what you’ve experienced before.

Until then… get your tickets! That’s right, tickets are on sale now, and you can buy any one of the three levels to make sure you get the best seat options possible! Just follow this link to the Punch House’s website to snag yours.

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