I’m sure you’ve tried a Gose or two in your beer drinking life – you might have even had one of the few Imperial Goses that are floating around here and there.  But a barrel aged Imperial Gose?  I’m not certain that there’s been many chances for a beer drinker to get their hands on this style.

Braxton Labs, the experimental playground for Braxton Brewing Company is releasing their latest bottle of just that… a Barrel Aged Imperial Gose this weekend.

About The Beer

With the idea to craft a barrel aged beer that is still light, refreshing and a perfect summer sipper, the folks at Braxton Labs set out to prove that barrel aged beers aren’t always just for summer.

The team started out with a imperial-style gose, which then made its way into freshly dumped Chardonnay barrels, where Braxton says that it picked up secondary flavors of white wine, vanilla and melon.  If that’s not summery enough for you, they then added in some hibiscus for fresh berry notes and a pink hue to the beer.

The result is a 7.3% Gose that they bottled up into those signature 500ml Braxton Labs bottles

The Release

This one will be available to you starting at 11am on Saturday, June 16th in the Braxton Labs taproom.  Make sure, though, that you don’t sleep on it – it’s not going to last forever on their shelves!

Let the planning begin – it’s looking like this weekend is going to be another release packed weekend here in Cincinnati!  If you have trouble keeping track of all the things being dropped by our local breweries, don’t forget that I always try to keep an accurate log of all the package releases each month.

You can join the event on Braxton’s facebook page, and share it with your friends to start the planning early!

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