Known for throwing some really clever and well themed anniversary party, Rhinegeist isn’t going to let up at all for this, their fifth anniversary celebration.  It’s been a heck of a year for the brewery, and it’s most definitely one to celebrate in a big way.

Go ahead, mark it on your calendar – June 23rd, you’re going to want to grab some friends and check this out.. their description from their amazing marketing team:

Pack up the family and gas up the station wagon, Rhinegeist is turning 5 and we’re celebrating with an adventure of epic proportions.  Cruise through the brewery on June 23rd for attractions worthy of the Guinness Book, sweeping views of natural wonders, and of course, a full-throttle lineup of rare beers and surprises.  After five years of beers, all roads lead to Rhinegeist.

The Event

If you aren’t already following Rhinegeist on facebook, you should do it right now just for the lead up to this event.  They’re posting a series of ‘Throwback’ pictures of each of their years they’ve been open.  It’s pretty nuts to go back and see what each year had happening for the brewery… it’s been fast and furious for them so far – and certainly just as fun to relive via pictures as it has been from above a pint glass watching from the outside.

This anniversary party isn’t just about being nostalgic, though – it’s about having fun and throwing another fantastic event.  They’re themeing this year’s event to a family road trip, and have been dropping a few hints about each stop for the past few weeks.  We finally have a good idea at what you can expect from the different “stops” that you’ll find:

  • Geist Vegas – featuring signage provided by the American Sign Museum
  • Rhinegeist Falls – a photo booth
  • The Museum of Rhinegeist History – in the annex
  • Lookout Peak – on the rooftop deck
  • The Elm St Motel – Clubhouse
  • Geist World – an outdoor amusement park featuring a dunk tank, slip-n-slide face painting and more
  • Worlds Largest Dinosaur in a Brewery
  • Rhinegeist Campgrounds
  • Souveinir City
  • Cool Treats by Dojo Gelato
  • A Variety of Food by Sartre

Like I’ve said… they go all out for these events, and this one is no exception.

What You’ll Drink

We don’t usually go to Rhinegeist to check out the sights.  We typically go to the Geist to grab a drink, anniversary or not.  So I’m sure you’re hoping for some great tappings to go along with this years festivities.  You’re in luck! If you remember, I gave you a little peek at back in April of this years Anniversary beer, which is called ‘Cloud Five’.  This hazy IPA hits the shelves of your favorite beer stores in cans starting today (6/15), but it’s official release will be during the party.

If the anniversary beer isn’t enough – there is a great list of other tappings that they have let loose too:

  • Being 0.0
  • Being 1.0
  • Being 2.0
  • Science Fiction ‘17
  • Science Fiction ‘18
  • Wild Fiction
  • Subliminal Jam
  • Sour Mash Cougar
  • Tequila Maracujá
  • Dark Matter
  • Gin DIPA
  • Existential Apples
  • Infinite Dawn
  • Tequila Puma
  • Infinite Dawn with Apples
  • Double Oaked Gramps
  • BA Big Willy
  • Wee Willy
  • Double Oaked Mastodon
  • Quaff Bros Chateau Series – Grand Cru
  • Café Ink
  • BA Café Ink
  • Margarita Monday

Right?  Also, with live music and DJs all day – the party is going to be “hoppin” as the kids say.  Don’t miss this one!!!

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