Brewery – DogBerry
Beer – Zestic
Style – IPA
ABV – 5.7%

This middleweight puncher is a sharp, but balanced IPA featuring Citra hops. A complex malt bill of UK Maris Otter and Rye Malt provides a clean backbone, blending seamlessly with the citrus nose and hop flavors of the Citra! Zestic is the first of our Experimental Series to become a permanant member of the team. Pour this into your favorite DogBerry pint glass and enjoy.

DogBerry is known for their IPAs, and their liberal and delicious use of Maris Otter malt (at least to me) – and this beer is a fantastic example of those parts of their personality. The Experimental Series first birth a version of this as ‘Experimental Citra’ way back when… but it first hit cans in May of 2018 as part of their limited release cans series.

My Thoughts On DogBerry Zestic

In the glass, Zestic pours a hazy gold with a big foamy white head on top.

Aromas are big, citrus fruit. There’s no denying what hops are sitting front and center with this one. Behind the hops you can still smell a nice earthy, toasty malt character, though.

The flavor is well balanced, with that nutty, earthy malt holding up their end of the bargain well. There’s no denying the big, bitter citrus fruit and pine needles that hit you right in the middle of your palate, though.

This is a fantastic beer and a really great representation of what DogBerry is all about. Well crafted, beautifully executed IPA that breaks from the trends that fill a lot of tap boards, while still being comfortable in the glass of someone who craves that “trendiness”.

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