It’s been a year now since Mason, Ohio’s 16 Lots opened their door for business, and they have big plan to celebrate the occasion with 9, yes… count them, nine new beers throughout a weekend of Oktoberfest celebrating.

It’s a massive, action-packed weekend – and if you really want to keep track of all of this, you’re going to have to either take some notes, here – or print this page out for future reference.

Oktoberfest In Mason

Maybe it’s a really happy coincidence – maybe it’s fate – perhaps it’s brilliant planning on the part of 16 Lots, but it just so happens that when they opened their doors on September 15th last year, they were lining things up for a perfect Oktoberfest celebration each year for their anniversary.  They are throwing an event that runs that whole weekend, September 14-16 that certainly is rooted in German traditional beers, but that veers off in a few really fun directions as well.

Hold on to your beer drinking hat – let’s dig into this.

9/14 – Friday

  • 2 pm – The brewery is tapping their 16 Lots Schwarzbier.
  • Blood Orange Pike Street IPA is tapped.
  • Lulu Bean coffee blonde makes its triumphant return.

9/15 – Saturday

  • Noon – 16 Lots Oktoberfest is tapped for the second year.
  • Mayor Victor Kidd celebrates the German tradition of the Mayor to tap the first keg of Oktoberfest.
  • Raspberry Treaty American Wheat Ale is tapped
  • Pineapple Pike Street IPA is tapped

9/16 – Sunday

  • The Beast – a massive traditional IPA is being tapped for the first time.
  • Cafe Mocha Muddy Creek Stout is tapped.
  • Coffee Infused Pike Street IPA is tapped.

How will you be drinking your beer?  Well… 16 Lots is not only giving away plastic one year tumblers to the first 100 people who arrive on Friday and Saturday (and the first 50 people on Sunday), but they’ve also got some limited edition 21oz beer steins that will be available for purchase, and you’ll be able to fill them for the same price as the standard pints.


It wouldn’t be a proper Oktoberfest celebration without some food to go along with all of the beers you’ll be drinking, and Mad Monks Pizza will be offering up traditional German food all three days during the celebration.

They’ve got a specialty Oktoberfest Pizza, Bavarian Pretzels with Muddy Creek Stout Mustard, and 16 Lots beer braised Bratwurst with Muddy Creek Stout Cabbage and Mustard.


If music is as important to your anniversary celebrating as it is to mine, you’ll be happy to hear that Bob Donovan (Squeeze Box Bobby) will be lighting things up on Friday night from 6-9pm with some traditional German music. On Saturday, The Prost Band will take over the reins and show what they do.

In other entertainment realms, you’ll, of course, find additional games, a photo booth and lots of giveaways throughout the weekend to keep things exciting for you and your family.

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