It’s an fascinating growth story, that of FigLeaf.  A brewery that is trying to bridge the gap between Dayton and Cincinnati, fill a vacant hole in their location of Middletown, Ohio and start bringing beer people back to Butler County all the while navigating the waters of an increasingly busy craft beer market locally.  Growth has to be deliberate and very careful.  I sat down with Brian and Andy to see how exactly you manage all of that, while still keeping things fun for you and the drinkers that show up.

The answer was the fans themselves.  The brewery has spent the last 2 years listening extremely carefully to the fans of what they’re doing, and crafting an experience that they want when they pull into the taproom.  From the beers (and ciders or wines) that they offer to the events and food that keep them there, it’s a constant learning process.

The show was of course filled with lots of laughing and some really fantastic beer… listen to it.  Share it.  Repeat!

Guests This Week

  • Brian Yavorsky – Figleaf
  • Andy Allgeyer – Figleaf

From The Beer Fridge

  • FigLeaf – Fest Bier
  • FigLeaf – Peach Impediment, Cider
  • FigLeaf – Doc Brown’s Snake Oil
  • FigLeaf – Sous La Table
  • FigLeaf – Sous La Table with Black Cherries

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