I don’t know if it’s the kid in me, loving anything that flies, or if it’s the science geek the lies somewhere deep down, still fascinated by the science of flight – but I’ll be damned if there isn’t just something about airplanes.  I love them.  It’s no surprise, then that I’m excited about Middletown’s upcoming “Hops In The Hangar” event that’s scheduled to take place at Hook Field.

About The Event

Before we dig in, and I forget to tell you, the event takes place on August 18, from 5-9pm (though there’s a special early entry option too…).  On one hand, I’ve heard a lot of people say that we don’t need more beer festivals – and that they’ve become a dime a dozen anymore.  On the other hand (the hand that is correct) I see more and more festivals starting up that take the concept of a beer tasting, and kick it up to a new level.  From Fifty West’s Punch Out to this event that incorporates beer and airplanes… there’s no limit to what creativity can do with the festival atmosphere.

This event literally takes place in a hangar, where a wide selection of beer (we’ll get to that) meets up with not just the standard festival fare.  They’ll have:

  • Food Trucks available
  • Pretzel necklace making station
  • Airplanes for touring and photo ops
  • Skydivers (weather permitting)
  • 2 different acrobatic air shows
  • Drones eye view via VR goggles

It takes beer tasting and high-flying entertainment and smashes them together into one experience.  General Admission is $30 and gives you 15 samples of beer – while the VIP tickets get you in an hour early (including special VIP beers) and 2 extra tasting tickets.

The Breweries

There are plenty of breweries that are signed on to make sure you’ll find something that pleases your palate.  From locals like:

  • 13 Below
  • FigLeaf
  • Fretboard
  • Grainworks
  • MadTree
  • March First
  • Municipal Brew Works
  • Mt Carmel
  • Rivertown
  • Rolling Mill
  • Sam Adams
  • Swine City
  • Taft’s Brewing
  • Urban Artifact

To some of your favorite “not so locals”:

  • 21st Amendment
  • Anderson Valley
  • Ballast Point
  • Brooklyn
  • Dogfish Head
  • Great Lakes
  • Multiple
  • Oddside Ales
  • Platform
  • Short’s
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Victory
  • Warped Wing

Sound like as much fun to you as I think it does?  Get your tickets now!  You can also view the event’s website or follow the event on facebook.

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