It all begins with a story.  From every beer that you’ll order a pint of, to every person you sit down next to at a bar, the thing that ties it all together is unique stories.  Sonder Brewing Company hopes to showcase that idea when they open their doors this fall.  Me?  I wanted to try to showcase the story of Sonder to get you ready for when they do.  This Deerfield Township Brewery isn’t cutting any corners, and while they’re putting the finishing touches on a taproom/brewpub that will certainly turn some heads – the team that they’ve assembled is top notch as well.  I was joined for this week’s episode by the whole founding crew along with a familiar voice, Luke Shropshire (formerly of Streetside Brewing Company) to help shed some light on what Sonder has up their sleeves.

Oh… we also drank a few beers.

Guests This Week

  • Justin Neff – Sonder Brewing Company
  • Jenn Meissner – Sonder Brewing Company
  • Daniel Schmerr – Sonder Brewing Company
  • Chase Legler – Sonder Brewing Company
  • Luke Shropshire – Sonder Brewing Company
  • From The Beer Fridge

From The Beer Fridge

  • Luke’s Homebrew – Brut IPA
  • Luke’s Homebrew – Pilsner
  • Luke’s Homebrew – Saison
  • Cantillion – Lambic

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