It’s time for another label approval from the big guys down in OTR.  As they gear up for their big Rare Beer Festival this month, they are also taking a little bit of time to keep cranking out releases (or at least label approvals).  Since there is a segment of Cincinnati’s beer community that loves to shit on Rhinegeist, throwing out the statement that all The ‘Geist makes is Pale Ales and IPAs, I thought this was a fun one to share with you guys.

Let’s dig in, but keep in mind that this is just a label approval, it doesn’t mean that we are for sure going to see this packaging, or if we do – when we will.


Calfe is a coffee milk stout that looks like it’s going to be canned.  Most likely this beer will be a seasonal special release, as much as I’d like to see it year round, I doubt that’s likely.

The beer is 6% ABV and 25 IBUs – and for a little more we need only take a look at the label itself:

Slightly sweet and full bodied with hints of complex roasted malts and chocolate, Calfe delivers a kick to the corral.  This pillowy, silky and aromatic Coffee Milk Stout is infused with java roasted locally by the team at Cincinnati’s Deeper Roots Coffee – a multidimensional brew that delivers on rich, smooth and delicious.

From the Calfe can labelIf you want to know more about this one – keep your eyes peeled and locked onto Rhinegeist’s social media accounts, they like to throw these releases out to us without much warning!

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