While most afternoons I’d much rather choose a comfortable seat at the bar over running through the woods – I have to admit that this not only fits into the “Fifty West Personality”, but also sounds like something extremely unique that you’re not going to find at a lot of breweries in the country – let alone Cincinnati.

What Is This, Adventure Race?

The Fifty West Adventure Challenge is a USARA sanctioned event.  Evidently… what I’ve learned from this event, is that there are people who really enjoy doing what they call “Adventure Racing”. It involves a combination of Running, Canoeing or Kayaking, and Cycling which all happen to be pieces of the Fifty West lifestyle.

The challenge sounds like a literal hell of a good time (Hell if you, like me prefer the barstool – Good time if you’re an “adventure racer”).

Breaking Down The Challenge

Let’s paint the picture a little more clearly for you:

The challenge starts with a run.  More specifically you start at Fifty West’s cycle shop, and run four and half miles moving east along the Little Miami bike trail.  You exit the path at Terrace Park, running through Kroger Park, and snaking along Miami Avenue and Longworth Streets, finally completing at the Terrell Park Trailhead.  That’s not the end, though.

Next up is a 5 mile canoe or kayak trip.  You enter the river via the Terrell Park Trailhead access ramp, where all canoes and kayaks will be positioned for the water portion of the race.  You’ll paddle down the river for 5 miles finishing at the Fifty West campus, just beyond the Newtown Bridge.

If you’re not exhausted enough yet – it’s time to hop onto a bike.  Running out of the river and up the 50W canoe access ramp, net to the bridge you’ll then compete on a 25.4 mile bike course along the Little Miami Bike Trail, with a turn-around near the Eads Fence company, just before East Broadway Street in Loveland, returning back at 50W.

The Details

Make sure you head over to Fifty West’s website for all the fine print – as there is a lot with an event like this.  That’s also where you’re going to want to go to register, too.  The important details, though are as follows:

  • Date: 10/20/18
  • Early Check In: 10/19 4pm-7pm at Production Works
  • Day of Challenge Check Ins – 6-7:30am
  • Challenge Begins – 8am

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