From time to time I get in contact with companies that are making products that for one reason or another I feel you as a reader and craft beer drinker like myself might have a use for.  I was recently in contact with the folks from Nod Products about their craft beer carriers – which I felt were worthy of a quick review and share with you, folks – seeing as we are quickly approaching the holiday season, and all.

What Are They?

This is a pretty self explanatory product that I’m really surprised I haven’t seen a lot of other places doing yet.  In it’s most basic form, these craft beer carriers are the same idea as the cardboard carrier that your beer bottles have been packaged in for decades.  Slots for 6 bottles and a convenient handle on top to carry.

As you dig a little deeper into the product, though – you see some features that Nod has added to their carriers that take them to a different realm than a cheap cardboard carrier.  First up, they are decorated to be a little more festive, and to showcase the occasion in which they are being deployed.  The carriers also feature a removeable greeting card built into the side of them, and an aluminum bottle opener on the other side.

The carriers look to come in about 7 different designs, so regardless of what type of event you find yourself needing one of these for, they’ve got you covered.

Are They Worth It?

The cost plays a big part into deciding if these are worth it in my book.  The company has them priced at $7, which is not too much more than a stand alone greeting card will run you at Hallmark.  Since the carrier can replace the card in a typical gift-giving situation for me, I think they’ve nailed it.

Are they worth it?  Yeah, for sure.  I would even go out on a limb and say that you should probably order a few different designs to keep on hand for those quick, last minute gift giving situations for people.

You can find the craft beer carriers and a lot of Nod’s other products that you’ll probably like over at their website – and if you order some, let me know what you thought about them!

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Nod Products, Caft Carriers”

  1. I ordered something from NOD recently and was very disappointed in the quality. Also please note, they have a 14 day return policy and you have to pay to ship the item back.

    1. I hate to hear that! My experience was great with them, but I’m sure people will take yours into consideration. Also good to know about the return policy!

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