If you missed it last year, make sure that you don’t make the same mistake for 2018 because there aren’t any other breweries celebrating Halloween the way that Urban Artifact does.

For a brewery that is known for doing things a little “different”, this is right in their wheelhouse, that’s for sure.  But if you don’t take a minute to appreciate what this is, and why this is – you’ll miss the whole point altogether.  It’s summed up pretty well with this quote from UA’s Josh Elliot pretty well when he was referring to what you can expect from the beers themselves:

“They are totally obnoxious and best shared with friends, and in that way, are pretty representational of the best kind of Halloween experience.”

Josh Elliot – From UA’s Press ReleaseIf you really want to know what to expect, let’s take a look first back at what last years 12 pack had in it – at least… my interpretation of what was in it.

The Concept

The whole idea of this mixed 12 pack (which is in cans this year) is that you take 6 different beers,  which I can assume that like last year’s are each modeled after Halloween candy.  Some of the beers are considered “treats” and some of them “tricks” (though it has to be noted that I LOVED one of last year’s “tricks”).

Much like we do when celebrating the holiday, the brewery is putting on a bit of a “cultural mask” as they call it, forgoing their typical dedication to real fruit flavors and getting all tacky and artificial for this release… these are over the top and exactly what you expect from Halloween.

Each of this year’s cans features artwork with some sort of Halloween Monster or “Creature” on it.  If you find yourself looking to figure out exactly what the flavors you’re tasting are (from other people… the brewery will most likely never tell us) you’ll have to use these label “creatures” as a way to identify each beer.  This year’s releases are:

  • Werewolf
  • Tree Monster
  • Vampire
  • Godzilla
  • Mummy
  • Witch

I will also have a post up shortly after this weekend that gives some spoilers at what I think the flavors were… so you’ll have that to peek at (or ignore if you don’t want the whole thing ruined for you).

The Release

Of course… maybe the best place to experience this is from the Urban Artifact taproom itself.  They are doing a release event on 10/27 at noon, which not only includes the 12packs themselves but the chance to buy one of the limited number of buckets that includes one of each can for you to sit around and enjoy (and experience) with a few friends.

If you didn’t read my post from last years, let it be known that this is 100% how you need to enjoy these beers, with some friends or family.  The experience of sitting around with some glasses and a few cans of beer, tasting, enjoying and debating on what the heck your tasting is the point of all of this.  It was an absolute blast, and I anticipate with be the same way this year.

If for some reason you can’t make the Urban Artifact taproom to snag these… don’t worry.  There are three other events that will give you a chance to get these.  One at Cappy’s in Loveland, one at Halloway Liquor in Holland and the last one at 101 Bottles in Kent.  Each one takes place at the same time as the main release… so it’s a statewide celebration of sorts.  If it all sounds like as much fun as I promise it is for you – mark those calendars. (The 12packs, btw, will retail for $29.99)

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