It’s not often that you can get Brady and Kenny in the same room together.  It seems like ever since planning began for 2.0 that MadTree has been on such a wild ride that the duo rarely gets to sit down together for an interview (especially when you’re just a lowly lawn ornament blogger) – however… the folks from MadTree made sure it happened.  Whether it was trickery to get them in the room or not – we capitalized on the chance and spent this week’s episode chatting about everything that MadTree has going on right now.

We covered it all, from the massive growth the brewery has seen, and how you keep the reins on a brewery like that – to some of the fun stuff that’s coming down the pike for the brewery.  We ask, they answer, they hint at some fun projects coming… it’s a hell of an episode.

Keep your pen and paper handy when you’re listening to this one, there’s a lot to take note of.  Cider?  Cocktails?  Focusing the focus of MadTree?  Yeah… pay attention!

Guests This Week

  • Brady Duncan
  • Kenny McNutt
  • Mike (The Brew Professor) Stuart

From The Beer Fridge

  • MadTree – Zythotic Revelry
  • MadTree – Cold Brew

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