There will always be something special (and fun) about getting back “in studio”.  It reminds me of how we started this show, just sitting around a table drinking a few beers and talking about what’s happening in our craft beer community.  Without a couple of friends to drink with, though – it just wouldn’t work, which is why I invited Craft Beer Joe and Raging Hop over to help carry the conversation.

We used a couple of award winning beers to talk bout the “medal scene” and what makes a medal special.  We looked at why these beers are great, and explored if anyone cares about a medal.  What makes it special?

Also up on the list of talking points was the latest news out of New Jersey, some new laws dropped onto their craft breweries has us trying to figure out if something like this could ever happen to us here in Cincinnati.  Would the craft beer community survive?

Guests This Week

  • Craft Beer Joe
  • Raging Hop

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