Braxton, and their experimental, innovation facility called Braxton Labs have been hard at work for more than a year at this latest release – and today they finally made the announcement that Tropic Flare is returning… only this time as a familiar NE IPA to those of us who have been drinking as much Braxton as we can get our hands on.

About The Beer

This is not the Tropic Flare that you remember (That was a big, bold, Imperial IPA). Though this beer might be familiar to your palate still if you have been paying attention.  Yesterday’s Headlines, Volume 3 – NE IPA: Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic – These beers have been stepping stones in the creating of this latest core beer, which takes on the big, green, hoppy label from the previous Tropic Flare – only this time in 4 packs of 12oz cans.

The can reads:

Practice makes hazy perfection.

This straw yellow, hazy IPA was carefully refined over a year of innovation and experimentation at Braxton Labs.  Tropic Flare New England Style India Pale Ale is triple dry hopped and loaded with over four pounds per barrel of Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic hops – amplifying the burst of fresh, tropical aromas with each sip.  Hefty additions of flaked oats and lactose provide a smooth, creamy finish for a true-to-style New England IPA crafted to perfection.

This 6.8% ABV, 35 IBU IPA is easy drinking… smooth and obviously they poured a ton of thought and planning into making something that this city will love to drink – all while making sure that they could provide it year round as a New England IPA that you can call your “go-to”.  You can expect a multitude of citrus hops, bursting with pineapple juiciness that is rounded out by a velvety sweetness that comes from the lactose and oats.

The Release Event

Of course, it wouldn’t be Braxton without a great tapping event to go alongside the new beer – and this one is taking place on 12/14 at 5 pm.  If you can’t make it, though – don’t worry your pretty little head.  This beer is going to be hitting shelves soon afterward and like I mentioned before… it’s a year-round addition to the lineup!

As always, I’ll have tasting notes for the beer up as soon as possible – but from what I’m hearing so far, it’s well worth the wait and will make a fantastic addition not just to Braxton’s line up, but to this city as a new go-to, year-round NE IPA!

Braxton Tropic Flare Label

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