If you have asked me for a brewery recommendation in the recent past, I can almost guarantee that I have told you that you need to hit up DogBerry in West Chester. It’s not just that I think they’re making some really great stuff lately (which I do), I think it’s insane to talk to so many people who are die-hard beer fans who have yet to make it out to check out their “new” location since they moved on from their nano roots to a bigger, nicer space closer to Union Center (You did read about that, right?)

Once you realize that this week they are celebrating their fourth anniversary – and part of that celebration is their first ever bottle release you’ll probably meet me in my conclusion that you need to add them to this week’s schedule – let’s take this, day by day to see what’s up, shall we?

Tuesday 1/8

The weeklong celebration kicks off at DogBerry with the kick off of their ‘Tuesday Talk’ series. The series will rotate each week with a different speaker from an organization that helps out the community. This week, Nicole Gunderman will be in the taproom from Gorman Farms to talk about their program. They have a family farm that is dedicated to educating children and adults about where food comes from. The talk is free, and Sammy’s Burgers will be onsite serving up food for a special ‘Taco Night’ too.

Wednesday 1/9

JackRabbit Running Night and Super Smash Brothers Video Game Night. If you’re looking for a running club to join – JackRabbit might be a perfect solution for you. If running isn’t exactly your cup of tea, then you can hang out in the taproom with a beer or two and play some Super Smash Brothers.

Thursday 1/10

Disney and Pixar Trivia Night – I hope that you understand what Trivia is all about. It’s become a staple in taprooms all across town, and this week is sure to be a crowd pleaser with Disney and Pixar taking the topic, so get some friends together to celebrate!

Friday 1/11

While the taproom is open like normal on Friday – this is a good day if you’re a mug club member. Members will get first shot at the Barrel Aged DogAvon bottles that will be available to the public on Saturday.

Saturday 1/12

DogAvon Bottle Release – DogBerry’s first ever bottle release is sounding like it’s going to be a great one. Their annual release of their Barleywine takes a new spin this year with the Barrel Aged version finally hitting not just taplines, but bottles as well. The bottles are going to be $8 a piece, or $15 if you decide to purchase two of them. The beer was aged in a combination of Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon barrels of French and American Oak for 9+ months.

Sunday 1/13

Wrap up the week with $10 growler fills, as well as ‘Bring Your Own Vinyl’ record day in the taproom. Get the chance to play DJ and wow the taproom with your eclectic taste, and fill up a growler or two to get yourself into the new work week.

Not Enough For You?

If all this isn’t enough for you – DogBerry is also offering up $4 pints every single day from opening until 5pm – so if you can manage to sneak out of work a few minutes early it will definitely pay off for you.

Again, I can’t stress it enough. If you haven’t been to DogBerry in a while, you really need to see what they’ve been up to. The brewery is better than ever, the beer is better than ever and it’s well worth a revisit. These folks are doing things exactly the way they set out to from day one, and I can’t be happier to see them now, celebrating year four.

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