Asheville has made a name for itself as a city that is packed full of great breweries, and if you’re asking me about my favorites, I’ll certainly put Hi-Wire up there near the top of the list. It’s fun, then, that this year the brewery is releasing their annual collaborative six pack with one of our local places amongst the mix of collaborative efforts that you’ll find.

Rhinegeist is no stranger to fun collaborations – previously doing some really great stuff with names like Sun King, New Belgium, Pipeworks, Melvin, Three Weavers, and Blackberry Farm to name a few – and this one just adds another incredible and unique brewery to that list.

About The Mixed 12 Pack

This collaborative 12 pack is packaged with 3 each of three different collaboration beers, and one each of three of Hi-Wire’s flagships. Each of the collab. beers is designed to not only bring Hi-Wire face to face with some of their favorite breweries’ fans – but to do it using beers that blend the different styles and philosophies of each of those breweries. The beers are packaged in 12oz cans that use a ‘vintage spray can’ design to mimic the kaleidoscope of ideas that came together to make the release a possibility.

In addition to Rhinegeist’s piece of the puzzle – the 12pack includes beers from Revelry and Monday Night Brewing in the form of a Blonde Brunch Stout and a No Coast IPA too. Both of these beers sound pretty awesome, and if you want to get the skinny on all of them you can hit up to read the full release.

All About Rhinegeist’s Beer

When you think of Rhinegeist it’s hard not to think of hops – while they get a little bit of flack from some craft beer drinkers for the amount of Pale Ales and IPAs that they are producing, it’s hard to argue that they don’t do it well. Their addition to this collaboration showcases that side of their personality.

A 5.5% Hoppy Pilsner is a great representation of not just who Rhinegeist is, but also showcases a little bit of what this city is about too.

The brewery used Triticale malt from Epiphany Craft Malt in North Carolina. It’s a hybrid of wheat and rye that lends a pleasant mouthfeel and a grainy backbone to the beer.

As far as the hops, Rhinegiest went with a few favorites on this – Vic Secret, Motueka and Ella hops to give the collaboration a tropical citrus, passionfruit and pine character that is very Rhinegeist.

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