I have talked before about Rolling Mill is about a lot more than just gluten-free beer. I don’t want that idea to get lost as you watch these guys grow, because it’s easy to do. There aren’t a lot of options for people who can’t (or choose not to) include gluten in their diet, which is one of the many reasons that it’s so exciting to see the news that Middletown’s Rolling Mill is releasing two of their beers in cans for you to take home.

They’re being tight-lipped on what two beers are being released – but my secret spies are telling me that their super popular ‘Two Goldens’ is definitely one of them. As for the other, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

Once the beers are released from the brewery’s taproom this Saturday (2/23 at 3 pm) they’ll also be making their way out to a select number of sellers around town too (you’ll also have to stay tuned for a list of those partners).

The brewery is celebrating with a release party in their taproom from 3 pm to midnight with beer flowing all night and music from Jason Ritchie as well.

This is the start of a new era for Rolling Mill – and big things for people who live around Cincinnati area who have been desperate to fill their fridges with something a little better than the mass-marketed gluten-free beers that have filled our shelves for years – as a gluten lover, myself… it’s still pretty exciting to think of the possibilities!

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