I don’t know what plans you have for February 28th this year – but evidently it happens to be National Chili day. When you live in a city like Cincinnati, that is as fanatical about it’s chili as we are, you should probably find a way to celebrate the day, don’t you think?

Luckily for you (and me… and all of us craft beer fans) Taft’s and Gold Star are getting together to help celebrate in the only way that Cincinnati could possibly do so… with a beer.

Get Ready For Cincy Chili Porter

This is a beer built for Cincinnati. The recipe starts off as Taft’s already delicous Maverick Chocolate Porter and then gets an infusion of Gold Star’s spices – like cinnamon and chilies. What you’re left with is a beer that is designed to mimic the flavor of this cities signature style chili – and that is something that I can definitely get behind!

To sweeten the event up a bit, it’s all part of a bigger picture for the two companies. It’s part of an initiative with the Freestore Foodbank to support the Freestore’s Power Pack program, which donates packs of food to more than 5,000 low income children on Friday’s during the school year to make sure that they have the nutrition they need while they are home over the weekend.

The Event

It all goes down on February 28th from 5-10pm (or as long as the one limited keg of this beer lasts) and to make sure that it’s an event worth celebrating Taft’s will also be serving up a special Gold Star 3-way pizza and chili-loaded tater tots. One dollar from each beer and chili infused menu item will be be donated to the Freestore during the event.

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