Because I do a show about craft beer in Cincinnati, I’m fairly certain that it’s a requirement to do an episode about Bock Beer, or at least to talk about the style for a little bit on one episode each year. It’s a strange phenomenon here in Cincinnati that salutes the city’s German heritage. Of course – this weekend fell not only on Bockfest, but also on the fifth anniversary of our own Paradise Brewing Company – which to me, sounds like a perfect excuse to get out to Anderson and record with the amazing folks that make that place as special as it is.

When Paradise opened their doors in 2014 there were only 17 breweries here in town. Since then we’ve seen a lot more open, and we’ve seen a few close – but Paradise is dedicated to growing just enough to keep things churning along how they want it to, while staying the same in the middle of the chaos around them. The community that they’ve built around their small taproom is pretty special, and something that I wanted to try to capture on the show.

Of course… no episode would be complete without drinking a few beers – so of course we did that too! If you’re curious to hear more about Bock Beer, or the History of Bockfest, there’s links to a few past episodes down in the show links section!

Guests This Week

  • Shayne Brammer – Special Guest Host
  • Jeff Graff – Owner/Brewer – Paradise Brewing
  • Andy Clawson – Brewer, Paradise Brewing

From The Beer Fridge

  • Paradise Brewing – Billy Baroo, Bock
  • Paradise Brewing – Bad Habit, White IPA
  • Paradise Brewing – Night At The Opera, Sweet Coffee Stout
  • Paradise Brewing – Off Kilter, Barrel Aged Scottish Stout

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