In studio, a couple beers, a couple microphones – you never know what you’re going to get. I love these shows, the unplanned ones from the studio. It opens up the discussion, and let’s us get to know the people that are on the show a little better than a typical episode might. This week we get to know Andy Foltz a little bit better… and we drink a few beers along the way.

Andy came through for me big time this week. With a last minute cancellation on the booking side of the Brewcast if it wasn’t for him, you’d have had another “solo studio ramble” which isn’t nearly as fun for any of us. Instead, we were left with a show that drifted from Andy’s ‘Road to Craft’ to a little bit of a discussion about what’s happening in the local beer community (who knew Seltzer water could create such a commotion?)

Cincy Brewcast is not just about what we drink, it’s about who we drink it with – and I was thrilled to have a couple beers with Andy this week. I hope you do too.

Guests This Week

  • Andy Foltz

From The Beer Fridge

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