Born out of a need – Rivertown started crafting their sparkling mineral water for their barrel house taproom. More and more guests started showing up looking for something to drink that wasn’t beer. In a desire to craft something that could satisfy these drinkers and pushing beyond cider Rivertown cracked the code in August of 2018 with their first few batches of mineral water, and they haven’t looked back since.

About The Product

By their very nature – these are all simple. They’re supposed to be. You won’t find long lists of ingredients in any of the Hard Seltzers or Hard Sparkling Mineral Waters… and that’s sort of the point of it all. Lumin is no different in that regard. The list of ingredients won’t surprise you one bit:

  • Mineral Water
  • Cane Sugar
  • Yeast
  • Natural Fruit Flavors

They start with what has been called the best water in the world – from the Great Miami Valley Buried Aquifer, and build upon that with a Tuscan-inspired mineral profile to create a water that is delicious as well as low calorie. (Lumin is 90 calories, and gluten free).

Lumin is definitely all Rivertown, but showcases another side to the decade old brand, a new personality that sits in line with some of the new trends in craft beer (or craft beverages) – and I’m excited to see where things go from here.

The first two flavors that are hitting the market are Cucumber Lime and Passionfruit Yuzu – neither of which are common, and neither of which are surprising either – playing perfectly with the clean, refreshing idea behind the brand.

The official launch of Lumin is June 17th, but if you’re really thirsty, or incredibly impatient you can try them already not only at Rivertown, but at a few local places too:

  • Crown Republic Gastropub
  • Sotto
  • Igby’s
  • Wyoming Community Coffee
  • Station BBQ
  • Brentwood Wine & Spirits
  • Marty’s Hops & Vines

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