Hoppin Vines is a far cry from the TGI Friday’s that it replaced in Kenwood. Gone are the tacky things hanging on walls, and in their place lies a beautifully curated beer, wine and bourbon bar that would be amazing on it’s own – yet they’ve kicked it up another notch with the addition of duckpin bowling and the amazing coal fired pizza from Delicio.

The 9,000 square foot building has been completely transformed, turning into a space that has a great knack and turning itself into whatever you need it to feel like. If you’re on a date with someone you’ll feel just as ”at home” as you will if you find yourself bowling with some drinking buddies after work. It’s a beautiful addition to the area, and one that you won’t want to skip, especially if you’re a beer or wine fan. 40 taps and more than 1,000 wine bottles will get the blood of any drinker pumping.

Learn More About Hoppin’ Vines

You can get some more information about what Hoppin’ Vines is all about by jumping over to ‘Drinking With The Gnome’ where we’ve got a podcast episode all about it! Of course, the official Hoppin’ Vines website might have some information that you’re looking for too!

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