My favorite time of year for drinking beer is in full swing right now, and that’s Oktoberfest season. Everything from the changing weather, to the amazing Marzen style popping up all around town… it’s perfect for cracking open a beer with your friends. It also goes without saying here in Cincinnati that a good old Oktoberfest celebration is one of the best ways to down a beer or two – and Rivertown is kicking off a two month long celebration of their own to celebrate the season in their own way.

What is Craftoberfest

Last year, Craftoberfest was a day long celebration of all things beer, food and community. It’s a celebration of the things that made Jason Roeper want to start Rivertown in the first place, back in 2009. As the craft beer community has grown and evolved, the desire to bring us all back to those roots of what made craft beer what it is from day one has only intensified for this brewery that forms a part of the backbone of our beer-history.

This years Craftoberfest lasts all of September and October, and will feature some really amazing food that is all made in house, coupled up with some great beer that is (of course) also made in house. I’ll get to the specifics in just a minute… but let’s just say you’re gonna like this.

The Food

When I mentioned to you that this new food menu is all made in house, I hope that you appreciate what exactly that means. We’re talking about the Rivertown team sitting in a hot kitchen, grinding up meat, and stuffing hundreds of sausages for you to stuff down your gullet. House fermented sauerkraut… this is bringing the craft back to Oktoberfest in a new way for this city.

The menu is looking delicious! Check this out:

  • Jumbo Bavarian Pretzel – featuring house-crafted Bavarian mustard and beer cheese.
  • German Sauerkraut Balls – house-fermented sauerkraut and house-ground sausage served with a side of RTB sauce
  • Beer Brat Patter – 2 Brats, ground, spiced, stuffed and brined in-house with Rivertown’s Oktoberfest lager, served over a bed of house-fermented sauerkraut with a side of house-crafted South German Potato Salad
  • Schwarzwalder Kirsch – House-crafted German Black Forest Cake with tart cherries.
  • Linzer Cookies – Four freshly baked almond cookies filled with house-crafted fruit preserves.

The Beer

If you were paying attention to the menu, you might have already caught on to the fact that a certain delicious German styled Marzen lager is back… and while that’s exciting, what makes it even cooler is that it’s coming back in DAS BOOOOOOT!

You can snag one of these featured beers in a Limited Edition Rivertown boot with lanyard, which you get to keep for only $16. Bring back your boot anytime in September or October during Craftoberfest and you can fill it with the beers. These boots are 1 liter… so it’s a good freaking deal.

  • Rivertown’s Oktoberfest Lager
  • Rivertown’s Pumpkin Ale

This celebration is a fun one. A great way for you to pick your weekend to celebrate the season, and some really awesome food to help you do just that. Get to Butler County, Get to Rivertown!

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