Things have been crazy lately. I just got back into Cincy from being on vacation with the family down in Gatlinburg… and the city didn’t slow down for me while I was away. We’re headed into the fall, and there are a ton of events that I wanted to make sure you were caught up on – so we dive into what’s happening.

We talk Cincy beer anniversaries, Oktoberfest and take a little peek at next month’s Extinction event that Urban Artifact is throwing to celebrate spontaneous beer and natural wine. Through all of this, we still manage to take a moment to dig into a beer that I’ve been wanting to try on the show, MadTree’s Koru – their New Zealand lager, and we learn why a beer with a bunch of Cascade hops can still be a New Zealander. It’s a fun one!

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  • MadTree – Koru

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