Let’s start with the disclaimer – I didn’t have all the local Oktoberfest beers for this “showdown”, or is it even fair to compare some of these with each other. We talk about it a bit during the episode, but Oktoberfest as a style has two distinct ends to it… Marzen and Festbier, and those are two very different parts of the bigger Oktoberfest idea.

It’s not fair to compare all these beers to each other… but we did it anyways. I wanted to explore this, and I wanted to find out what my “favorite” local Oktoberfest beer was. I think that with that goal in mind, we nailed it. It’s always fun to explore a style like this, anyways. And tasting these all next to each other gave me a really great picture of what we’ve got going for us here in town. 100%, you can’t go wrong with a liter of any one of these beers this Oktoberfest season!

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