Brewery – Christian Moerlein
Beer – Fifth & Vine
Style – Oktoberfest/Marzen
ABV – 5.4%
IBU – 21

You’ve discovered a Moerlein dedicated to the dreamer in all of us. When pigs fly, Oktoberfest Marzen will flow from the fountains. Until then, we offer you this world-class brew which celebrates the Oktoberfest season with hopes that the dream continues forever. A lightly toasted character with a touch of sweetness and deep copper color make Fifth & Vine Oktoberfest a great destination for the season.

During Oktoberfest season, Cincinnati shows it’s true colors in celebrating it’s German heritage by hosting some of the greatest Oktoberfest events that you can find in the United States. Along with the events, you can find some truly wonderful Oktoberfest beers around town.  The fall season used to overshadow these Marzen beers with the slew of Pumpkin beers that come out about the same time, and for a while, the trendiness of that consumed beer drinkers. It’s exciting to watch Oktoberfests start to move back into the spotlight, right where they belong in Cincinnati.

Fifth and Vine was introduced back in 2007 from Christian Moerlein – just as rumblings of them opening a brewpub here in town started happening. In a time before the craft beer boom started happening in the city – this beer was a shining beacon of what could be, and what we didn’t know at the time was in store for us.

The Fifth and Vine bottles that had become a staple to a lot of beer drinker’s fridges in the fall were discontinued in 2018, with Fifth and Vine only being brewed for a small, draft only batch – but it made a triumphant return in 2019 in 12oz Cans.

My Thoughts On Moerlein’s Fifth And Vine

This style is one of my favorites. Treading the line between full flavored and malty over to crisp, and easy drinking… it’s all about balance for Marzens. Coupled up with their sister-style, Festbier – it’s perfect for fall drinking, all day long in the sun with your friends that continues into the warm evenings.

In the glass, Fifth and Vine is a beautiful copper color with a thin tan head on top.

The beer is packed full of big caramel aromas, and a touch of breadiness that sits on top of a light spice note.

Moerlein’s Marzen leans a little heavier on the sweeter end of the spectrum than some other Oktoberfests that I love, finding it’s place in the pack pretty easily. It’s crisp and refreshing, perfect to quench your thirst on a hot afternoon. The sweetness of the beer pairs up really well with food, which is another reason it makes a fantastic beer to drink during your favorite local Oktoberfest celebration.

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