Brewery – Fretboard
Beer – Bootsy Brewski
Style – Brut IPA
ABV – 7%
IBUs – 21

In collaboration with Bootsy Collins Foundation – what started as an experimental IPA recently took gold at the 2019 US Open Beer Championship. This IPA is front-loaded with bright funky citrus and finishes crisp and dry and is approved by the grand funkmaster himself.

A portion of all proceeds benefits the Bootsy Collins foundation!

This beer was first released in the taproom (after a short test phase when it was called ‘Soundcheck Vol 1), overseen by a tapping from the Man himself, Bootsy Collins, on August 19 as part of their “Over The Top’ Festival. The brewery wanted to create a beer that was not only delicious, and that fit in with the brand that they’ve been building – but that fit with the funky style of Bootsy himself.

They nailed it, too – with a Brut IPA that in the words of owner Joe Sierra “Hits hard, like a Bootsy bass line”.

To read more about the beer, make sure you head over to Fretboards website here.

My Thoughts On Fretboard’s Bootsy Brewski

I’ve struggled to try to find how I feel about a lot of Brut IPAs, and right when I’m about to chalk it up to it just not being my style – I find this one that I really enjoy.

In my glass, Bootsy is bright yellow with a thin white head on top. It’s got a slight hazy to it… but it’s bright and almost clear – light and unassuming.

The aromas are citrusy with a slightly funky happiness.

The taste is big, bold and citrusy – with a really nice dry finish. The beer packs a real kick at 7%, but is a bit sly about it… the dry finish helps it feel clean and refreshing.

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